Something strange happened …

My cat just turned on the TV in the room. I´m like:

How he did this?


Oh my, look at this cutie!
Sexy man!

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When you’re surrounded by people who know nothing about wrestling.



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he just became like 50% carrot

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Pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to keep calm.

This is so cute :3

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"I’m here to fight, I’m here for the love of being in that ring, the competition, the crowd, the excitement, the adrenaline rush, it’s…it’s…it’s… everything to me. And there’s only one thing that mean to me more than that, and that’s this…. My United States championship.”

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Stop with this perfection. It´s so much to me <3

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I seriously believe Sheamus and Cesaro have a real life thing going on.

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Oh Sheamus…



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Trying to wake your friend up from that crazy party you just had

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I´m so proud of my baby. He retains the US title.

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Wait. I just see a Targaryen. Do you like game of thrones too? Like Sheamus :) <3 —shea-laoch-mus-deactivated20140

Yes!! I love Game of thrones, girl. It´s amazing! Do you like?

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Ao acaso Chapter 11: Capítulo 11, a wrestling fanfic | FanFiction

Capítulo 11. ;)